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An online community that provides a way to connect with business resources, locally and beyond!

CenterPoint Community is a free online platform focused on connecting businesses with the resources they need for success. It offers the benefits of social media without the limitations of social networks. Members have control and flexibility on what and how you communicate with members in the groups they create or participate. There is access to products and services in a seamless and secure experience, with opportunities to introduce new products, offer professional services, or expand market reach.

CenterPoint Community-owned and operated, the platform is free to users. While it is an online space that has the benefits of a social media platform, there is much more control and flexibility on what and how you communicate with members in the groups you create or participate. You can go beyond the limitations of social networks.

The CenterPoint Community provides access to products and services you may not otherwise know about. For businesses looking to grow their bottom line, CenterPoint offers opportunities to introduce new products, pilot service offerings, or expand market reach, all with tighter controls over your branding and messaging.

The CenterPoint Community connects you with business to-business resources to meet your needs. A seamless and secure connection to the Marketplace allows vendors and customers to transact business online. For new businesses, it provides an opportunity to build your brand and promote your products or services.


A Word From The CEO

Welcome to the CenterPoint Community.  I’m Alan Tiras the Community’s CEO. We developed this place to Link Business AmericaTM and to provide a tool for collaboration.  From Business Associations to Chambers of Commerce to like-minded people connecting to share great ideas and buying and selling their products or services, the Community provides the tools for efficient and effective communication. 

Community Groups provide a single place for sharing information, files, events, links and pictures with members.  This can be an ideal place for people with like interests to meet and discuss matters of importance to them.

The Community should also be your starting point for the latest regional and business news.  Our articles are updated frequently to cover a wide variety of topics with contributions from many subject matter experts.  Ask questions of your fellow members. Share your expertise. 

In our Market, you can find products and services that will help you in furthering your goals.  You can also sell products and services to others in our Market.

The Community is not just about finding the right collaborators.  You want to promote your business and find new clients and customers. Our growing network of businesses, advisors and service providers give you many unique ways to expose your business to new networks and potential clients.  Putting your business online is value.  But, finding the right balance of information, advertising and a network of professionals and other businesses can be priceless.

At the CenterPoint Community, we know your needs because our team has been there providing advice for years.  Membership is FREE.  Join us and see how being a part of the CenterPoint Community can help make your journey to success as easy and straightforward as possible. 

We’re always here for you.  Please reach out to us at with any questions.

Alan Tiras

CenterPoint Community CEO

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Our Approach

Our approach is to provide a free and unbiased platform for businesses to achieve success by sharing information and ideas and providing a place to connect with customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to link business America and defeat the tyranny of distance by bringing us all together.

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