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The Cobeal Safety Toolkit (CFT) is a compendium of tools for defining, communicating, documenting, and maintaining safety-controlled procedures.

Included herein are three protection verticals:

1. BPE (Building Protective Equipment)
2. PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
3. TPE (Transportation Protective Equipment)

Cobeal is a multi-national company with a 60-year history and expertise in contamination control. We work with governments and private companies to protect people, products, and the environment. Our group specializes in clean air, renewable energy, and power systems (onshore/offshore). We have the technology, expertise, and tools to help align ecosystems in adherence to top industry standards and regulations. As working group members for ISO, ASHRAE/ANSI, IEST, and others, we understand the importance of good communication, standard operating procedures, and are happy to help facilitate all contamination and protection related topics.
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