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The Conservation Economics Fund™
A Clean Tech Initiative

Establishment Plan

The Conservation Economics Fund (CEF) is a new venture being established to provide a collective pool of capital to coordinate economic investment specifically in those companies and initiatives that will by their product, service, or actions conserve and enhance our environments either locally or globally; and provide the opportunity for shareholder profitability. This document will, at a top level, outline this fund establishment and set in motion its management process.

Our Goal
To establish the CEF as a widely accepted “clean tech” investment category in the funding of entrepreneuric activity supported by favorable public policy while forming a scalable and replicable model.
Our Objectives
1. To attract & deploy investment capital to grow successful companies in this category.
2. To achieve positive net ROI to the fund’s participants.
3. To positively improve the economic viability of our target regions.
4. To be a leader in the development and implementation of Conservation Economics.
5. To catalyze local, state and federal polices in support of Conservation Economics.
6. To develop the next generation of definitions, algorithms and processes in Clean Tech investing.
7. To provide ongoing education in the importance of Conservation Economics.
Targeted Outcomes
1. Successful entrepreneuric start-ups based in conservation principles
2. Achieving profitability through organizations embracing conservation economics
3. Measurable increases in regional econometric modeled impacts
4. Creating disruptive technology to conserves natural resource while providing jobs and shareholder profits
5. Replacement technology that measurably decreases environmental impact of business activities
6. Implementation of new “clean up” technologies within industries that have most negatively impacted our environment
7. Wide acceptance at the government, business and consumer levesl of conservation knowledge and activities
8. The inclusion of current government grants, loan guarantees and assistance programs within the capital stack to support “green entrepreneurs”, both startups and existing employers within the regions
9. The development of new markets to deliver job growth and further environmental goals

Conservation Economics Defined

Conservation Economics is a relatively new science in the economic development world. A few leaders within the U.S. have laid out their definition:
A conservation economy is where natural resource-based communities can harvest economic wealth while conserving and restoring natural and social capital with the driving force of “conservation entrepreneurs” who embrace a conservation ethic and have a rational self interest in the maintenance and restoration of healthy ecosystems. ( (page 37))

Targeted Investment Focus
The CEF will focus on companies that achieve the funds goals and objectives. With the Clean Tech area being an investment focus, the CEF will learn from the mistakes and successes of past clean tech companies and emerge with a stronger more profitable model.
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