UVC LLC announces the first affordable UV germicidal system for everyone to fight Covid-19

SHO-Article-Image Hospital installation of the UV germicidal system.

Our "Exclusive SHO UV Germicidal Light Technology" has 4-times the germ-killing power at 1/3 the cost.

• Highest UV power for the lowest installation cost
• Easy installation: <1 hour compared to 4+ hours for competing systems
• 45 years developing and manufacturing UV systems for HVAC

UVC LLC introduces another industry first with our "Exclusive SHO UV Germicidal Light Technology". CDC, WHO and medical experts have proven Air Conditioning Systems spread diseases like Covid-19. Our exclusive technology to protect against the spread is available now at a low cost.

This new technology has the highest output for the lowest cost. Simple installation indoors or outdoors saves 3X on the cost of installation and lowers overall energy and maintenance costs.
The technology leader for 45 years, UVC LLC, has shown safety and effectiveness. All our lamps and ballasts are designed and tested in the USA. UVC LLC does not use lamps made in China.

"UVC is a subject matter expert within the UV space and is a true "think tank". They utilize a number of manufactures in the area to deliver their products…I believe this technology and company is one we should take pride in and connect to the areas where their contribution can really help with the safety of all."

Robert Hooper, Northern Nevada Development Authority

Brad Hollander, UVC LLC's founder, is the Inventor of UVC for HVAC. He has been a leading innovator since 1976, inventing and designing Germicidal disinfection products and systems for air, surfaces and water. Brad also consults in the industry and has several patents worldwide in the fields of UV and disinfection processes and products.

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Sunday, 21 July 2024
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